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Future Soldier (2023)

Visual Effects

80s Cyberpunk on a Microbudget

Future Soldier (2023), a microbudget distopian cyberpunk directed by the insanely talented Ed Kirk is set in the future – in the year 2002 – Bounty Hunter Mo Harrington returns to action after uncovering a sinister conspiracy. There’s militarised security forces, supercities, badass postpunk antiheroes, and some wicked music that underscores the entire film, which was produced for under £5000.

Wait that’s ridiculous

It know, right? On the day of the premiere I sat with everybody else who had been involved in the project and seeing how much love and passion had gone into the project was truly inspiring. I worked on the VFX side of the film, so it was a massive ego-stroke to hear that it had been nominated for best VFX

Can I watch it?

Of course, it’s a real fun film. Give it a watch here. The film got some wonderful reviews, especially in the filmmaking space. As is the nature of small budget films, some wider audiences didn’t give this absolutely tremendous passion project a real chance, but you should (I’ll think you’re really cool if you do).

Tales of the Creeping Death (2020)

Editor & Visual Effects

The Independent Horror Anthology

Tales of Creeping Death (2020), a low-budget horror anthology directed by John Williams opens with a wraparound tale. Hitman Goose (Michael Socha) arrives at a creepy old house, hired to keep a mysterious old man alive until 3am. What follows are 4 increasingly bizarre stories about the horrors of the human imagination.

Sounds like a pretty cool premise

It was, yeah. There’s some really creative scenes in there that I’m pretty chuffed with. I edited the film and produced the VFX for it. The director and I worked closely together to craft the feel for each story and created something that everybody involved was pretty proud of. 

Can I watch it?

Please do, then let me know what your favourite story was. I loved how bizarre the flatmates storyline was, perfectly off key. The film got some good reviews and some bad reviews – if you’re into independent horror comedies, you can check it out here.

Age of Big Cats (2018)

Visual Effects

Nature Documentary VFX

Kind of an odd mix. I was hired to create all of the VFX for a three part series covering the stories of Big Cats, pumas, leopards and the like, and how they came from Ice Age ancestors such as homoetherium. I was in charge of the Visual Effects for the programme, and spent a lot of time working on compositing. Really exciting project to work on, an absolutely wonderful team who have all gone on to do tremendous work in the Natural History field. 

What are those pictures?

Lots of the VFX work was based around rotoscoping footage filmed out in the field. It meant I had to meticulously cut around the edge of animals to be able to edit and CGI them into different locations. Let me tell you, camels have much flappier skin than you’d expect. I spent days cutting around the edges of camels. I still dream about them sometimes. 

Where Can I see it?

It went across a few different places. I think the latest place you can see it is on Sky, here