One Photo, every day, for a year

Project 365

A Photo A Day

The Plan

Back in 2015, I was feeling creatively pooped out. I had a lot of big projects going on, but each one was constrained in some way. Project 365 was a creative expression of freedom, wherein every day was the opportunity to experiment with a different subject and style. Some days I made more of an effort, and some days substancially less. Hell, some days I remembered at 11:59 and hastily took a photo of my own foot.

Aside from a few outliers, every photo was taken with a Canon 70D. Every image has been digitally edited or enhanced in some way, as this was also an chance for me to improve editing skills. 

Take a look through them, see if you have any favourites. There’s a few that I’m really proud of, and others that I know full well I was being a lazy little shit. 

The Outcome

The year that I did Project 365 was likely my fastest year of creative growth. It may not be easy to see in the photos themselves, but having 365 opportunities to test creative boundaries and discover new ways of looking at things was such a key part of my creative development. Many of the techniques I explored during 2015-2016 appeared in work later on, and I’m confident that I wouldn’t have felt as comfortable using that toolkit without having played around first.

After completion of the project, I’d grown so fond of large scale, “low impact” creative projects that I created Project Segundo the following year. I’ve personally recommended the project to dozens of people at this point.  Don’t stress about making every photo perfect, just take advantage of the chance to see the world differently every day.