Stone Pine Art Bursary: Free Websites for Emerging Artists to Shine


Unleash Your Artistic Potential – Stone Pine Art Bursary Empowers Emerging Artists to Soar


Nottingham, UK, 16/05/2023 – Dan Davison, one of the directors of local marketing agency Bloody Marketing is introducing an interesting new art bursary for independent fine artists. With the launch of the Stone Pine Art Bursary, artists benefit from a novel offer that promises to create free websites for those early in their career.


This new initiative offers free portfolio websites to talented analog artists in their first five years of selling art, providing them with the platform they need to showcase their work and make their mark.


Dan says “Every artist deserves a chance to shine, this campaign is committed to helping them break through communication barriers. By offering personalized portfolio websites, the Stone Pine Art Bursary aims to support eight new artists each year, empowering them to turn their passion into a full-time career.”


The Stone Pine Art Bursary invites applications from fine artists ready to make their mark. High-quality images of their work, along with a CV and artist bio, are all it takes to apply. Artists need not worry if you’re not there yet – the bursary includes support to help those early in their career to clarify their message.


But it doesn’t end with just a website. Stone Pine Art provides basic training and ongoing support, empowering artists to take control of their online presence.


Instead of payment, Dan is looking to trade a piece of art from the artists he assists. “It’s a way to build a lasting connection with those talented individuals who have been supported by the bursary.”


Pinch, a talented Norwich-based artist and one of the beneficiaries of the Stone Pine Art Bursary, took a leap last year by pursuing art full-time. Recognizing the need for a website to showcase their work and enhance their credibility, Pinch and Dan worked together to create a portfolio website.


Pinch’s visit to Stapleford-based studio at the Bloody Marketing offices, and spent an afternoon brainstorming ideas, and immortalizing their art through an abundance of captivating photos. These photos became the foundation of Pinch’s website. 


Since then, Pinch’s website has served as a powerful tool to showcase their artistry, documenting their appearances at various makers markets. Pinch has been selected as an artist in residence for this year’s national Pint of Science Festival, further solidifying their presence in the art world. Pinch’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact a well-crafted website can have on an artist’s career. You can see examples of Pinch’s work on Instagram, at @pinchpaints 


The Stone Pine Art Bursary aims to empower artists like Pinch, enabling them to reach new heights, gain recognition, and seize exciting opportunities within the art community.


You can apply for the Stone Pine Art Bursary at