The Bucket List

February 2, 2024

Hi. Take a seat, I like what you’ve done with your hair, very stylish.

I’ve been feeling like I’m in a bit of a rut lately, and I’ve been trying to find a way out of it. I think I’ve found something. Below, I’ve created a bucket list of 100 different items, and I have 4 years to complete them, starting on January 1st, 2024.

As I’ve introduced this list to people, I’ve been amazed at the response. Everybody wants to get involved! I’m going to stick the list below. Have a peruse through, and if there’s any you’d like to help me with, please reach out. In fact, if I’ve personally sent you this list, most like I want you to come along for the ride!

  1. Get pilot’s license
  2. Climb Scafell Pike, Snowdon, and Ben Nevis
  3. Kill & butcher a deer
  4. Make a leather bag
  5. Kayak all of windermere
  6. Weigh 95kg again
  7. Marathon Hike
  8. Sort pension out properly
  9. Write and record a song
  10. Make another short film
  11. Make guitar
  12. Ride a horse
  13. Climb Stromboli
  14. Do a thru-hike
  15. Go to a concert for an artist from the list
  16. Visit Scotland
  17. ride a motor bike
  18. Swim in a mountain river
  19. Fix up something mechanical
  20. Rock climb
  21. Walk Caminito del Rey in Malaga
  22. Ski
  23. See the northern lights
  24. Surf
  25. Eat at a Michellin star restaurant
  26. Drive a boat
  27. learn a martial art
  28. Learn to dance
  29. breathe fire
  30. catch a fish
  31. Bungee jump
  32. Go to the US
  33. Go to star observatory
  34. Play sultans of swing on guitar
  35. Explore a cave in the dark
  36. Hold a tarantula
  37. Eat a freshwater fish
  38. Go to a spa
  39. Do archery
  40. Return to Cornwall
  41. Go to the theater
  42. Herpetological study in Sardinia / Srilanka / Costa Rica / or Arizona
  43. See a Rothko in person
  44. Lasso something
  45. See a blackbird at an aviation museum
  46. Sunrise at stonehenge
  47. Make a documentary
  48. Do a cooking class
  49. Participate in a conservation effort
  50. Contribute to a citizen scientist project
  51. Make chocolate from scratch
  52. Try beekeeping
  53. Walk on hot coals
  54. See Monument Valley
  55. Go to a Buddhist session
  56. Learn navigation properly
  57. Find a fossil
  58. Make a stained glass beetle
  59. Make a shirt from scratch
  60. See / Hike Cadini di Misurina
  61. Have a conversation in Russian
  62. Donate blood
  63. Learn first aid
  64. Yoga – do the crow pose
  65. Do something at an open mic
  66. Eat entirely for free by foraging
  67. Perfect homemade pasta
  68. Go to a Natural History Museum “late” session (or similar)
  69. Zipline on Velocity 2
  70. See a manta ray
  71. Breed a beetle
  72. Create a videogame
  73. Faroe OR Skye OR Shetland
  74. Take singing lessons
  75. Try falconry
  76. Make a taxidermy piece
  77. Film something in super 8
  78. Do a cycle holiday (Cornwall to scotland?)
  79. Drive a mustang
  80. Make a pair of Heelys
  81. Try smithing
  82. Night Hike
  83. Write a great story
  84. Stand on a tiny island where I can see all sides
  85. Visit Sicily
  86. Plant 100 trees
  87. See a cave painting
  88. Learn all the constellations
  89. See bioluminescent algae
  90. Go to a rage room
  91. Learn bar tending tricks
  92. Learn to draw people
  93. Do wine tasting
  94. Do a muscle up
  95. Read house of leaves
  96. Design and invent something
  97. Visit Africa
  98. Get high in Amsterdam
  99. Go to an Abandoned City
  100. Play Clair de lune on piano